Gielle 50 Anniversary

With more than 400 employees throughout world, Gielle has the talent and expertise to provide you with the best total fire protection solutions and complete peace of mind. We offer a turnkey approach to fire protection, by offering solutions that are designed, supplied and installed complete and ready to operate. Delivering Fire Safety Products and…

Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid

GL-1230™ Systems, using 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid have emerged as the solution of choice for fire extinguishing systems to protect high value assets and processes. GL-1230 is a clean agent system which is proven to be environmentally friendly. To reassure users that GL-1230 systems are now and will continue to be environmentally friendly,…

FM-200 Supressão de incêndio com agente limpo

Gielle FM200 systems are based on many years experience in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of gaseous fire fighting systems. During this time Halons have provided industry and commerce with a unique and versatile extinguishant to respond to most fire protection needs. The Montereal Protocol presented the fire protection industry with a most demanding…

Gielle Fire Safety

Our specialised installation teams accurately install fire protection systems, as specified and designed. Headed up by a professional project manager, Gielle’s installation teams are skilled tradespeople with significant experience in fire protection equipment. Each person takes pride in their work, minimising disruption to your operations while making sure that all components are installed according to…

Gielle Presentation

GIELLE is known in every part of the world for its electronic system for safety, for fire-fighting protection and for the services that follow. Our philosophy consists of a total quality. This is not an abstract conception, the product’s peculiarities go beyond the normal industrial standard. For more than 50 years GIELLE has assisted and supplied…

Gielle Brochure

Gielle have in house sprinkler and fire detection designers and engineers in every state capital and in many regional cities. Offices throughout World and across the globe share information and resources via the Gielle intranet giving unique knowledge. Our design engineers are well credentialed, completing a rigorous 2 year cadetship providing experience across many facets…

FM-200 Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems

Gielle FM-200 systems are internationally accepted as providing reliable and effective fire protection solutions for high value assets, processes and locations, as well as the people who work in these protected areas. Electrically non-conductive, FM-200 works by removing heat from a fire so that combustion cannot be sustained, its unique characteristics also chemically inhibit re-ignition.…


FM-200 fire systems

Design, supply, and installation of gaseous fire fighting systems based on FM-200.


Novec 1230 fire systems

Clean agent suppression systems using Novec 1230 Fluid, turnkey solutions.


International Halon Bank

Gielle is authorized halon banking for halon recovery and recycling activities.


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With more than 400 employees throughout world, Gielle has the talent and expertise to provide you
with the best total fire protection solutions.